Beat! Bop! Beat! On the App Store!

Beat! Bop! Beat! 1.0.0 is now available on the App Store! In all reality, it has been for a long time.. however apparently the App Store has been down all day long.  Great! Anyhow… you can get it here! It’s […]


Beat! Bop! Beat! App Store Approved!

Beat! Bop! Beat!  – Based on my Ludum Dare #31 entry was approved for the iOS App Store! Planning on a release later this week. Check out the main page for it here :  Beat! Bop! Beat! And I made […]

Rium Shot #1

Good to be back

It’s been a while. Can’t believe it’s been over a year since I was at E3 with In a Window. Since that time, I’ve been relatively quiet. Still working, but pretty quiet. Just not a whole lot to get excited […]


IndieCade, E3 and in a window

IndieCade has selected in a window for it’s 2013 E3 showcase.  I’m thrilled to share a booth with some really great games. Super excited to get a chance to hang out for 3 days in LA.  You should come by and check […]


in a window – trailer and update

trailer?  didn’t you release in a window like 3 months ago? yes… and yes. actually an update is due here soon.  a few minor fixes and control improvements, as well as a ‘lost level’. stay tuned.


Ludum Dare 26 – #

My Ludum Dare 26 entry is complete.   # is now available to play. Ludum Dare is my absolute favorite weekend.  When I really feel as if I have some good stuff in locked away in the back of my […]


in a window is out.

in a window is out for windows.  and its definitely the best game i’ve made this month… you can download it from the game’s page. there is currently an installer download, and a plain file download available if you happen to have all […]


in a window – levels

well… this is going a lot faster than i originally had thought. the game is currently what I will call “feature complete”. it’s all there. it’s just not done. basically all that’s left is bug fixes and polish, and that […]


Finally on the next project.

After a nice little break from all things game development, I have finally begun working on my next project. I have a huge folder of prototype games that are dated post Voxterium, but most of them suffer from cases of […]


Voxterium : Revision on Desura

Voxterium : Revision is now on Desura!   That is all.