IndieCade, E3 and in a window

IndieCade has selected in a window for it’s 2013 E3 showcase.  I’m thrilled to share a booth with some really great games. Super excited to get a chance to hang out for 3 days in LA.  You should come by and check...


in a window – trailer and update

trailer?  didn’t you release in a window like 3 months ago? yes… and yes. actually an update is due here soon.  a few minor fixes and control improvements, as well as a ‘lost level’. stay tuned.


Ludum Dare 26 – #

My Ludum Dare 26 entry is complete.   # is now available to play. Ludum Dare is my absolute favorite weekend.  When I really feel as if I have some good stuff in locked away in the back of my...


in a window is out.

in a window is out for windows.  and its definitely the best game i’ve made this month… you can download it from the game’s page. there is currently an installer download, and a plain file download available if you happen to have all...


in a window – levels

well… this is going a lot faster than i originally had thought. the game is currently what I will call “feature complete”. it’s all there. it’s just not done. basically all that’s left is bug fixes and polish, and that...


Finally on the next project.

After a nice little break from all things game development, I have finally begun working on my next project. I have a huge folder of prototype games that are dated post Voxterium, but most of them suffer from cases of...


Voxterium : Revision on Desura

Voxterium : Revision is now on Desura!   That is all.


Voxterium : Revision is Released!

After a “soft” release earlier today, and a couple wonderful lessons in “if it can go wrong, it generally will”, Voxterium : Revision is out! Get information about the game, download the demo, or at least purchase the game at...


May 29, 2012

The development updates on the site have been a little light over the last month.  I apologize for that, but the reason is rather simple… there really have been no development updates to post.  This last month has been an...


Mage Duel

This little guy was my Ludum Dare #23 entry.  It is a little 2D Scorched Earth type game with magic.  I had to put my own little twists on it however.  One, it is in real time and two, the...