in a window


in a window is a puzzle platform game with a very simple objective  : push the red button.

simple enough… right?


in a window is a game about assumptions, the way things work, the way things should work and the way those things can work together to hide even blatantly obvious solutions.  or are the solutions hidden?  i guess that will really be up to you.

in a window is free, unless you don’t want it to be.  you should download it now.


key features

  • sound
  • graphics
  • adjustable sound and music settings
  • jumping
  • robots


around the web

part of IndieCade’s 2013 E3 Showcase

if you can make a puzzle platformer that has me stumped, giggling, as well as feeling stupid and smart, then you’ve clearly done something right.
– chris priestman, indie statik

good luck clicking that damn little red button.
 john polson,

tj smith has a 3 part let’s play on you tube.  (spoilers… obviously)
part 1          part 2         part 3

and this is pretty awesome… i think… at least I hope…





changelog –

  • fixed a few bugs added during E3
  • tweaked sound settings for people with sensitive ears
  • decreased overall evilness by 3% –

  • fixed bugs added by t.j. during his let’s play
  • removed false sense of hope
  • added about a thousand more levels (names only)
  • added a thing to the thing after the thing does its thing
  • introduced or overlooked the exciting new bugs mentioned above. –

  • BACKSPACE and END now join forces with F12 to form team “reset level keys”
  • introduced or overlooked the exciting new bugs mentioned above. –

  • fixed an issue with the thing that would prevent the thing from doing its thing when you did that one thing too many times
  • broke up the key binding fight and sent them each to their own room.  they should now stay with their own games.
  • fixed a level that did not kill you when it should have, saving unnecessary wear and tear on your F12 key.
  • introduced or overlooked the exciting new bugs mentioned above.

  • released with the issues above either forgotten about or ignored.  sorry about that.



in a window is pay if you want, which means you can pay if you want.  if you don’t want to, you don’t have to feel bad.    if you do want to, you can go ahead and feel good.  100% of all proceeds go to future game development.

if you want

i want

if you’re into the whole thing

if you don’t

in a window – windows installer

in a window is built on the xna framework.  this means there are some prerequisites, mainly .net 4.0 and the xna redistributable. if you already have these, and just want to download the binaries, you can do that below. note that if you don’t have the prerequisites installed, the game will crash.

in a window – files 

there have been some reported issues of the above files not downloading properly for reasons that are not entirely clear.  here’s an alternate link if you have that problem.

in a window – alt