Voxterium : Revision

Voxterium : Revision is a fast-paced, arcade-style shoot-em-up about attaching yourself to security threats and taking them out.  The game is based off my Top 50 rated Ludum Dare 22 entry, Voxterium.

Voxterium can best be described as a “Spherical Shooter”. Your sights are fixed on the stationary enemy while you move in a spherical orbit around the target. Your enemy is a self-replicating computer virus that you must take out faster than it can reproduce.

You have an arsenal of upgrades that you can pick up to help neutralize the threats. Each upgrade is designed for a specific task, such as containment, defense and finishing off. Upgrades can be stored and stacked to further help your cause.

Keep in mind that the enemy will not sit idely while you hack at it byte by byte. Be prepared for retailliation.

  • Fast paced, action oriented game play.
  • Endless game play in several game modes, including Campaign, Survival and Casual.
  • Control the game with your Mouse, Keyboard or X-BOX 360 controller

For more information, or to purchase Voxterium : Revision, visit the game’s website at www.voxterium.com or view the press page.