He’s Gone Rogue (like)

Back when I started this in 2011, I committed to writing a development log that I would update every week.  It didn’t last long, against the convienient  140 chars and a screenshot that twitter provided.  However, I’ve begun to miss the value that it provided…  even if  no one read it, it helped keep me focused.  Yes, I could spend this week playing dwarf fortress or CK2… but then, what would the update look like?

I’ve decided to start it up again, and will try to stick to the Sunday schedule as best I can for as long as I can make myself do it .

So, first off, I guess I should start up with a little catch up…

The last few years I’vUntitled-8e become more involved in the local game development scene.  I’ve showed my games at some local conventions like SUPER! BitCon  and was on a game development panel at ComicCon.  I’ve also attended meetups in OKC and Tulsa, where I’ve met a ton of other local developers that are doing awesome things.  Looking forward to showing again at SUPER BitCon! this year, as well as attending the XPO event this autumn in Tulsa.

I’ve made some  updates to in a window.  It runs a lot better now, I’ve fixed a lot of bugs and added a few levels.  Untitled-5

Work continues on rium.I feel it’s really close.  I’ve just been trying to work out the game balance.  I’m hoping to use the SUPER BitCon! showing to really fine tune the balance issues.

Also planning to start greenlight campaigns for both in a window, and rium around that time, with release dates planned this autumn.  Greenlight at one, release at the other.  More on that to come soon.

Recently, my thoughts have been stuck on roguelike development.  Anyone who knows anything about me would have seen this one coming a mile away.  As a gamer that’s been gaming for upwards of 30 years, I find myself in a constant quest for depth.  I’ve dabbled in some of the classics over the years, and more recently got into Cataclysm DDA and Cogmind.  They just seem to hit me in the right spot… I’ve always believed that the greatest games are experienced not on the screen, but in the mind.  Present a representation of a scenario, and let it play out in the players mind, as opposed to telling them to sit down, shut up, and look at this shiny cinematic that’s going to explain it for you.   Then, give the player same ways to go about facing the situation they are currently in, than they had in the last situation, as opposed to “press X to win”.


This isn’t my first attempt at roguelikery.  I’ve prototyped several games in the past, to varying degrees of success.  This time I’m starting bottum up… working an engine from scratch.  It’s going well, and more importantly, it’s been a lot of fun without a lot of stress.  I’m enjoying it immensely.  That’s what the whole gig is about, right?  If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing it wrong.   I’m working on a follow up post to kick off the development log for the KRLEngine.

And, of course, see you next week!