Troubleshooting and Support

A lot of testing on multiple computers and configurations went into Voxterium : Revision, however issues tend to pop up in the wild.  I will do my best to keep this page updated with common issues as they arise.

Voxterium will not run.

Ok… lots to deal with there.  Let’s start from the top.  Is your computer turned on?  Ok… but seriously.

A lot of the start up issues with Voxterium are tied to the Microsoft dependencies.  It requires the .NET framework 4.0 and the XNA 4.0 Redistrutable to run.  All installers should detect the lack of this dependency and install it for you if it is not present, however things can and do go wrong.  You can try to reinstall the game, or take a proactive step and pre-install the frameworks before installing Voxterium.

Helpful Links:
Microsoft .NET Framework  4.0
Microsoft XNA Redistrutable 4.0

That work?  Good… Oh, no?  Well, let’s look at this again.  You will require a DirectX 9 GPU that supports shader model 2.0 and has at least 128mb memory.   However, if that is the case, the game should tell you that when you started it up.

All good there?  If the game has previously ran fine before, the possibility is there that you could have a corrupted game data folder.  This should be located in your documents, under My Games/Voxterium Revision.  Deleting those files in that folder may help.

Still no luck?  In that same folder, the game should create an error log when a crash occurs.  Send that to and I’ll see if I can’t figure that out and offer a better solution.

My Framerate is Really Low

A couple of graphic options can be adjusted to help with low framerates.  Head to the Graphics options in game.

  • Anti Aliasing is off by default, but if you did turn it on, turning it back off will help out a lot, at a minimal cost.
  • Trying a lower resolution will help, and is one of the bigger factors in framerate.
  • Turning off the “Glow” option will also have a pretty big impact as well.
  • Reducing the particle effects has a smaller impact on framerate, but can be used as a last resort

I’m having issues not listed here

Give a shout out to  Please be as descriptive as possible in your email, providing information on your system, the steps you go through, and the results you recieve.   If the game made an error log in the Documents\My Games\Voxterium Revision\Error folder, send that along as well.