Ludum Dare 26 – #

My Ludum Dare 26 entry is complete.   # is now available to play.


Ludum Dare is my absolute favorite weekend.  When I really feel as if I have some good stuff in locked away in the back of my head., and Ludum Dare comes It’s probably the best concept for Ludum Dare I’ve come up with yet.

That one guy that played Voxterium will immediately recognize it’s influence.

Lot of really good comments so far about the audio, which is a bit different, because i’m really not an “audio” guy.  Don’t really care much for “musical” games for the most part, but I’m kind of excited as I see that as an opportunity.

Check it out here


So… how did it do? Well.. out of 1610,

#8 Audio
#24 Theme
#34 Overall
#40 Mood
#71 Graphics
#78 Fun
#87 Innovation

I’m happy.