Finally on the next project.

After a nice little break from all things game development, I have finally begun working on my next project. I have a huge folder of prototype games that are dated post Voxterium, but most of them suffer from cases of the usual, either too ambitious or just plain not fun. Definitely nothing to write about.

Platformers and adventure games generally frustrate me beyond belief. So when I began working on a platformer with point and click adventure elements, naturally it took off like a rocket, and In A Window was born. The prototype idea was simple, take everything I absolutely despise about both genres and make a game about that. A sort of parody, if you will.


But as I really began digging into it, I found something more. To make it one sentence, the game is about how assumptions can hide even blatantly obvious solutions. The main goal of each level is always the same, assist a rather cynic robot in pushing a big red button. However that extremely simple task is wrapped in levels that make it seem impossible. Or does it seem impossible? I guess that will really be up to the player.


There will be more to come here in the next few weeks…