Voxterium : Revision is Released!

After a “soft” release earlier today, and a couple wonderful lessons in “if it can go wrong, it generally will”, Voxterium : Revision is out!

Get information about the game, download the demo, or at least purchase the game at www.voxterium.com.  Currently, the game is available only on the website.  It will be available on more distribution sites in the next few days.

I highly recommend that you download the demo first, just to make sure your computer will run the game.  If you run into any issues at all, stop by the support page and check out the common issues posted, or send an email to me or support@picardy-third.com.

If you enjoy the demo, or even if you don’t, you can purchase the game from www.voxterium.com.

And as always, I appreciate any feedback.  Let me know what you think about the game via email, or via twitter.

No go blast some bytes!