LD22 Release – Voxterium

Well… Ludum Dare ended a few days ago, and I think I’ve finally recovered.  It really was a blast, and look forward to doing it again.  

My project was called Voxterium

It’s essentially a shooter where you’re trying to take down an enemy that just won’t stop growing.  

Reception to this point has been very positive.  Comments received thus far have been great.  A lot of the suggestions made are valid, and I can’t not like that.  I’ve saw my game on a couple review lists… and even caught a tweet or two about it.  

There is some negativity that has centered around the theme ‘ALONE’, and how my game applies to it.  I tried to incorporate the theme through the game’s story… which is essentially the story of someone charged to manage a hopeless situation by themselves, until help arrives, which doesn’t.  One of my failures is delivering that message clearer.  But in reality, if that’s the worst criticism I get, then I’m thrilled.  

Ludum Dare page for the game is here.

My devoplment Journal over those 48 hours is here.

A video of me playing the game can be found here.